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Second DWI Offense in Texas: Laws and Penalties
Jerry W. Tidwell, Jr.

Being charged with a DWI–driving while intoxicated–charge, Texas’ equivalent of a DUI, is a serious offense. Being charged a second time, however, is even more concerning. If you are facing a second DWI in Texas, you need to understand the law and your options, and think seriously about retaining the counsel of an experienced Texas…

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What Happens if You Are Caught with a Penalty Group 1 Drug in Texas?
Jerry W. Tidwell, Jr.

Texas strictly regulates certain substances, and the penalty for possessing an illegal substance will depend on what group it belongs to. Currently, penalty group 1 Texas drugs are those the government deems are especially dangerous. As a result, you could be facing significant time in prison if you are caught possessing, manufacturing, or delivering them.…

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Internet Fraud Explained: Definitions, Types, and Defenses
Jerry W. Tidwell, Jr.

The advent of the internet has opened up limitless opportunities for people and businesses around the world. However, it also provides the possibility for people to use the anonymity of the internet to make claims against competitors or accidentally run afoul of the law with its ever-changing rules about internet use. At Tidwell Law Firm,…

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I needed legal advice for a child custody dispute and had spoken with a few lawyers in order to gauge expenses and commitment requirements for legal action. Most of the lawyers I spoke with heard my situation and dismissed it going to be easy. One of the larger law groups not taking clients referred...

William C.

I used Jerry Tidwell as the representing lawyer for two family law cases: my divorce and subsequent modification to child possession schedule. In each situation, Jerry took the time to listen to my concerns, care-abouts, and the facts of the matter – helping me formulate a plan going into mediation...

Karl Y.

Having to deal with the complex world of criminal cases, you will need the best legal representation on your side. Attorney Jerry Tidwell Jr. is that lawyer who knows his craft and always on the side of truth, justice, and fair play. Our family is so blessed to have him as our counsel in the most...

Joseph B.

Jerry has been amazing to work with and fights for you in every legal way possible while being completely open and honest throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Jerry for any legal matter you may face. If Jerry feels your case may require additional council, he will tell you straight and...

Charles J.
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