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Understanding the Uniform Collaborative Law Act (UCLA) in Texas Family Law

Jerry W. Tidwell, Jr.

The Uniform Collaborative Law Act (UCLA) was signed into law in Texas in September 2021, providing a new alternative dispute resolution process for family law cases. The UCLA encourages parties to work together to find mutually acceptable solutions without resorting to traditional litigation. In this blog post, we will explore the key provisions of the UCLA, its potential benefits and drawbacks, and its implications for Texas family law practitioners and their clients.

Key provisions of the UCLA

The UCLA sets out a framework for parties to engage in a collaborative law process. Key provisions include:

Participation: All parties must sign a collaborative law participation agreement and commit to working in good faith to reach a settlement.

Role of attorneys: Each party must be represented by an attorney who has completed specific collaborative law training. The attorneys are tasked with helping their clients reach a settlement and cannot represent them in litigation if the process fails.

Role of other professionals: Other professionals, such as financial experts or child specialists, may be engaged to assist in the process.

Confidentiality: Communications made during the collaborative law process are confidential and cannot be used in subsequent litigation.

Potential benefits and drawbacks of the UCLA

The UCLA has several potential benefits for parties involved in family law cases. It provides a collaborative and non-adversarial environment that can lead to more creative and mutually acceptable solutions. The process is also generally faster and less expensive than traditional litigation. Moreover, the UCLA allows parties to maintain control over the outcome of their case, rather than leaving it in the hands of a judge.

However, there are also potential drawbacks to the UCLA. If the process fails, the parties will need to start over with new attorneys for litigation, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, if one party is uncooperative, the collaborative law process may not be effective.

Implications for Texas family law practitioners and their clients

The UCLA has important implications for Texas family law practitioners and their clients. Collaborative law training will become an essential skill for family law attorneys who wish to offer this service to their clients. Clients will need to understand the collaborative law process and make an informed decision about whether it is the right approach for their case. Finally, the UCLA may lead to a shift in the way family law cases are resolved in Texas, with more emphasis on collaboration and less on adversarial litigation.


The Uniform Collaborative Law Act is a significant development in Texas family law, providing a new alternative dispute resolution process for parties involved in family law cases. While the UCLA has potential benefits and drawbacks, it is a welcome addition to the options available to families seeking to resolve their disputes. Texas family law practitioners and their clients should be aware of the UCLA and its implications for the practice of family law in the state.

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